Issue Reported: 

SCCM Current Branch Reporting Services Point many default reports are missing.

In this some of the Reports are created successfully and become available from the admin console however a large number of default reports are missing and we see entries in the SRSRP.log that indicate access denied to C:\Windows\Temp when ConfigMgr attempts to import the RDL files from the SMS_SRSRP folder. (the log indicates ‘access denied’ for numerous reports when the process is running) Below is error on logs.



Step 1: Verified SRSRPSETUP.log indicates the Reporting Role installation was successful.

Step 2: After  added *.out to the AV file exclusion policy and re-imported means re-created reporting service point and all the reports the files in c:\windows\temp were processed without any access denied errors and all the reports are available on console.

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