Issue Reported:  Cloud Management Gateway was working fine and one fine day its showing as Performing Maintenance and status description as upgrading Service.

Below is screen shot for reference. 



Note: Clients are scanning/receiving policy without any problem, We don’t see any issue from client side. Just the status of the Cloud management gateway in console is showing as Performing Maintenance. No info on this maintenance in the log CloudMgr.log and SMS_CLOUD_PROXYCONNECTOR.log

New Software Updates Deployment reached the clients and New SCEP anti malware policies also reached the client machines. Just the Cloud Management Gateway Status is showing in maintenance mode.

Step 1:

Basically modified taskstate ID it comes as normal.

  1. TaskstateID in Azure_CloudServicesTask for the respective taskID
  1. State and StateDetails in Azure_service for respective AzureServiceID

Below is query executed on SQL :

Update Azure_CloudServicesTask
Set TaskStateId = 3
Where TaskId = 1678XXXX
Update Azure_service
Set State = 0, StateDetails = 0
Where AzureServiceId = 16777XXX

Basically this is like reset the CMG settings in SQL.

Note: The taskID and AzureServiceID will be different for each for reference Click Here

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