Issue Reported:

Windows Update client failed searching update from WSUS server as it is throwing below error 0x80244019 in Windowsupdate.log Below is screen shot for reference.



Point 1: While review logs and found above error.

Point 2: Based on error open IIS,  while expand iis content directory found Win7SP1 Folder and inside  file is missing on IIS content store directory.  particular directory  Folder and file is missing.

Point 3: We search missing file and created C:\Program Files\Update Services\SelfUpdate\WSUS3\x64\Win7SP1\ and copied file inside the Win7SP1 folder and restart IIS service.


Point 4: After performing above step 3. All the system start getting as require patch and working as normal 🙂

Please refer This URL for more information.

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