Issue Reported: While Deploying Windows Store App on windows 10 using SCCM, Deployment is keep failing

Action taken:

Validate deployment via TASK Sequence, as well as package deployments:

Validation 1: While schedule deployment via task sequence its was getting below error



Validation 2:  While schedule deployment via package deployment execution is getting success but app is not getting publish in to the store.




Step 1: Publishing app was not a Microsoft store so we have received from vendor with PowerShell execution.

Step 2: We have converted PowerShell to exe by downloading tool Convert PowerShell Scripts to EXE Files

Step 3: User Convert .exe file in Program and We have created deployment and program with program can run: Only when a user is logged on and right Run with user’s rights

Step 5: After schedule deployment it worked as needed.

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Haresh Hirani
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